Add Logging and Policies


For better cotroll you may connect Acreto to your internal Syslog Collector - all logs from event will be transferred there.

Based on the logs, you can extend the network rules, for example, those that block excessive network traffic (Youtube) or the application that are time eaters (Facebook)


To complete this procedure you should:

  1. Have an active Acreto account (How to register).
  2. Finish procedure described in previous step.
  3. Have knowledge about Syslog used in your company.

Phase 3: Logging and additional policies

  1. Acreto supports external Syslog (optional)
    1. Configure Acreto with the IP address of your Syslog Collector for sending logs
  2. Lockdown access to Office365 and other SaaS applications.
    1. This feature relies on the capabilities of the SaaS vendor and uses an IP lockdown feature. For O365 is lockdown feature is called ‘conditional access.’ please follow this article for detailed instructions.
    2. Add additional security policies as per your organizational needs.
  3. Block YT/FB policy