Connectivity check


Validate if your internet connection is secured by Acreto. Click on the below button.

How does a validator work?

Validator check how external services sees your IP. Acreto Secure your IP by masking it with own address - its means that no one will get your real IP address. If the validator finds that your IP visible from the internet is equal to one of Acreto addresses then your connection is Secured.

Other methods to validate

As an Acreto user you may also check manually does your current connection is secured. There are two easy methods to verify that.

Method 1: ISP Check

When you connected thru Acreto your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is mask by Acreto. To check your current ISP go to and check ISP name:

Check ISP value to verify are you connected thru Acreto

If you can see ISP: Acreto - gratulation, your internet connection is secured by Acreto!

Method 2: Traceroute check

Open terminal on your device and run:

For Windows


For Linux


This command allows to check the route of network packages - if your connection is secured then as one of the steps you should see Acreto IP:

Acreto IP address on tracert/traceroute output

If you can see this IP on tracert/traceroute output then your connection is secured by Acreto.

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