vGateway image installation on Azure


This article shows how to setup vGateway on Azure to connect your network to Acreto Ecosystem.

Create new Gateway

To set up the vGateway on Azure first it is needed to configure the Gateway object.

Please follow the steps in Gateway creation guide with the vGateway as a type of a gateway.

Generate Azure .vhd type vGateway Image

To generate an Azure the image you need to:

  1. In the Elements > Objects > Gateways menu click on the specified vGateway name - the details panel will appear.
  2. On the right side of the gateway details panel click on VM and Cloud Images images to show a list of options to generate images.
  3. Click the play icon next to the Microsoft Azure .vhd vGateway Image entry.
  4. The generation of the image may take a while, please be patient.
  5. When the image will be ready you may download it or copy the URL - save it on your PC.

Image installation

To install the generated vhd image on Azure we need to proceed with uploading the image to Azure according to official documentation.

  1. Create an empty managed disk on Azure.

  2. Upload a vhd image to empty managed disk.

  3. Start the VM with the uploaded image.

  4. Once the VM is up and running, you should be able to SSH to it with password authentication as:

    1. login: acreto
    2. password:
  5. Change your password after the first login

  6. Test the network connectivity

    • IPsec status showing the tunnel status

      ipsec statusall
    • Traceroute to check if the traffic goes through Acreto Ecosystem


    More information about checking the connectivity can be found under Connectivity Check the article where a dedicated tool is available.