Onboard on Windows


This article will help you to connect your Windows device to an Acreto Ecosystem.

If you open the Acreto invitation on a Windows device, the onboarding page should recognize that you’re using a Windows device and guide you through the proper onboarding process.

Follow the steps below to secure your internet connection via Windows.


To connect your device:

  1. Click on the Connect your Windows button on the invitation page.
  2. The Onboarding Portal allows you to download elements necessary to start using Acreto:
    1. Download Client - this button allows you to download the OpenVPN GUI client.
    2. Install Profile - this button allows you to download the configuration from OpenVPN. Download both of those files.
  3. Install OpenVPN - double click on the downloaded installation file and proceed with an installation wizard.
  4. Run OpenVPN - search for the new icon, it should be visible on the Windows tray.
  5. Right click on this OpenVPN icon and select the Import file… option.
  6. On the modal window, select file with the configuration downloaded in step 2.2.
  7. Right-click the tray icon once again - a new profile should be added. Select this profile and choose Connect from the submenu.
  8. Fill the modal window with the Username/Password that you are using in your organization (LDAP or Octa credentials).
  9. Wait until a connection is established and confirm that your connection is secured.
  10. Success, you are now connected to Acreto!