I Got an Invitation - What's Next?


If you’re reading this article, you probably got an invitation email or link from a security or network officer in your company. At this point, you may like to read this article to learn what Acreto is.

This article will guide you through the onboarding process to Acreto, allowing you to secure your internet connection and provide access to your company infrastructure.

How to Join - Onboarding Procedure

  1. Click on the provided URL or email invitation.
  2. A new page will open in your default browser. You must validate two values:
    1. Company name - on the screen below it’s a TestCompany, you should see the name of your company here.
    2. Ecosystem - on the screen below it’s a Test Ecosystem, you should see the name of your physical location, project or company department here.
  3. Website should recognize the platform/operating system you’re using and propose a proper connection route. If the platform isn’t recognized, you can choose another using the other supported platforms button.

Onboarding steps via various operating systems can be found in the below articles:

  1. Onboard on Android,
  2. Onboard on iOS,
  3. Onboard on MacOS,
  4. Onboard on Windows.